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Attention Employers!

Are these Statements


in your Workplace?


  • Respect is evident between all generations.

  • Strong soft skills are in play.

  • There is an understanding about how personal decisions impact professional reputation.

  • Employees know how to positively address conflict and disengage in drama.

  • Workplace etiquette is practiced by all: the importance of respect and honesty, making introductions, and business meals.

According to the research conducted by the Center for Generational Kinetics ( as published in their 2023 State of Gen Z report, the following is true:

Gen Z often has less work experience than other generations did at their age, yet Gen Z has incredible potential to flourish when leaders provide them with a safe and knowledgeable foundation that values the generation for both where they are now and for what they can become.” (Pg 5: The State of GEN Z 2023)


“Our national study found that Gen Z believes a leader can most positively impact their life if they believe in them (55%), inspire them to grow (53%), and provide them with good advice (51%). This means when leaders are thinking about their leadership strategy, approach, metrics, programs, and tools, the key thing to focus on with Gen Z is delivering the intangibles that the generation seeks rather than a fancier title or motivational trinkets.


Investment of $350.00 Includes:

  • An etiquette luncheon with a keynote speaker.

  • Each participant will develop an action plan for collaboration with their supervisor.

  • Prior to the event your team will participate in a discovery call to identify pain points.

  • After the event your team and employee will participate in a follow-up debriefing call.

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